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Spotlight on Patterning at SPIE Symposium

February 9, 2015 | Technology

Advanced patterning and atomic-scale processing will be the focus of an upcoming conference on nanopatterning during this year’s SPIE Advanced Lithography Symposium (February 22–26, San Jose). As device features continue to shrink, the creation of extremely small and dense patterns becomes far more challenging due in part to limitations in conventional techniques. Processes that enable advanced patterning solutions, such as etch and deposition, will continue to grow in importance as device features move toward atomic-scale dimensions.

Recognizing the importance of these critical processes, Lam is pleased to once again sponsor the Advanced Etch Technology for Nanopatterning conference. Topics covered include nanopatterning challenges, integration schemes, and new etching technologies. We will also have four technical presentations, including two invited talks, at this conference:

Scaling Challenges for Contact Etching in Logic Devices (Invited)
E. A. Hudson
Monday, February 23
2:40 PM

Patterning in the Era of Atomic Scale Fidelity (Invited)
T. B. Lill
Tuesday, February 24
8:30 AM

Plasma Etch Challenges with New EUV Lithography Material Introduction for Patterning for MOL and BEOL
P. A. Friddle, C. Lee, B. Nagabhirava, M. Goss, S. Schmitz, P. Wang, R. Yang, J. Wu (Lam Research);
Y. Mignot, N. Rassoul, B. Hamieh (STMicroelectronics); G. Beique, A. Labonte, C. Labelle (GLOBALFOUNDRIES); J.C. Arnold (IBM)
Tuesday, February 24
9:00 AM

A Way to Integrate Multiple Block Layers for Middle of Line Contact Patterning
E. Kunnen, S. Demuynck (imec); M. Brouri (Lam Research); J. Bömmels, J. Versluijs, J. Ryckaert (imec)
Tuesday, February 24
6:00 PM–8:00 PM session


Lam will also have a talk at the Design-Process-Technology Co-optimization for Manufacturability conference:

Layout Optimization and Trade-off between 193i and EUV-based Patterning for SRAM Cells to Improve Performance and Process Variability at 7nm Technology Node
S. S. Sakhare, Darko Trivkovic (imec); T. Mountsier (Lam Research); M.-S. Kim, D. Mocuta, J. Ryckaert, A. Mercha, D. Verkest, A. Thean (imec); M. V. Dusa (ASML)
Thursday, February 26
11:50 AM


For more details about the symposium, please visit the SPIE website.



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