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Seven Sound Bytes from SEMICON

Our amazing industry continues to do the extraordinary, and it was all on stage at SEMICON West in San Francisco this July. Experts from across the semiconductor ecosystem shared new capabilities that are ready today, as well as progress on emerging technologies for tomorrow. Here are some of the interesting “sound bytes” we heard at this year’s tradeshow:


1) Understanding how the brain works may help design future integrated circuits



2) A digital car has >100 million lines of code – more than in an aircraft



3) Intriguing question: can we use the IoT to enable the IoT?



4) You need a good memory to keep up with the many different types of memory technologies being explored: 3D NAND, SRAM, MRAM, RRAM, FeRAM…



5) The fully autonomous car is forecast to be in series production within the next 3-5 years



6) There’s a new candidate to describe the massive amounts of data expected from the IoT: “bronto-bytes” = 10 to the 27th power



7) While celebrating 50 years of Moore’s Law, there’s a lot of buzz about what the next 50 years may bring



Hungry for more? You can find more interesting tidbits from SEMICON West 2015 on Lam’s Twitter feed and LinkedIn page.


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