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Series: A Day in the Life of an NCG – Korea

May 4, 2015 | Life at Lam

Next up in this series is a glimpse into the work lives of some of our new college graduate (NCG) employees at Lam Research Korea (LRK).

At Lam Research, we are committed to helping bright, enthusiastic NCGs transition to successful and rewarding careers in the workplace. Now in their first jobs after graduating, NCGs working at Lam are truly enjoying their new positions. We caught up with a few of these busy grads to chat with them about their experiences and what they’re learning – and we’re glad we did. In addition to providing insightful workplace perspectives, their stories highlight the importance of decisions they made while in school and during their first jobs following graduation.

At our LRK office, we spoke with four field service engineers: Colin (bachelor’s degree in materials science and engineering, INHA University), Minhoon (bachelor’s degree in materials science and engineering, Hanyang University), Raphael (bachelor’s degree in electronic engineering, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies), and Taeyang (bachelor’s degree in applied chemical engineering, Korea University of Technology and Education).


What is a typical day at work like?

My workdays vary, depending on the condition of the Lam equipment at the customer site. Most of my time is spent working on etch systems in the customer fab with my team. We identify the root cause of problems, provide the best solution as quickly as possible, and then document procedures based on what we learned. Sometimes equipment issues take a while to correct, but once we solve a problem, our team will have lunch or dinner together. That is one of my favorite things about working here at LRK. – Minhoon

I start my day checking email messages for new information I need before going to customers’ fabs, where I service their machines, including troubleshooting and installing new systems. While at a customer fab, I analyze and fix issues, then later write reports on my activities. – Raphael


How do you like your job and the work you are doing?

What I like most is that I am continuously learning new technology and innovative solutions that are applied to real systems. I also enjoy working with experienced engineers, who help me set long-term goals to continue my development. – Minhoon

I have a strong and outgoing personality, so I like the fact that my job is very active and exciting. I also like knowing that I can apply my education and skills in this position to improve the quality of life for people. – Raphael

I like solving challenging technical problems and learning about new technologies. I am proud to be working on some of the world’s leading technologies. I also like knowing that by using my knowledge, I am part of the ongoing quality-of-life improvements this industry is making. – Taeyang


What helped you transition to the workplace?

When I was in college, I participated in an internship program at the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati during my winter break, which helped me understand the properties of advanced materials. While there, I also learned how to cooperate with others who have different cultural backgrounds. Then, when I joined Lam Research, my mentor and other senior engineers helped me in countless ways to learn about the culture, my job, and the company’s products. – Minhoon

Lam Research is very “systematized” for helping NCGs transition easily to the workplace. While I am working, experienced co-workers are always available to help. – Taeyang


Why did you choose Lam Research?

Lam offered the most opportunity to develop my career as an engineer. – Colin

During my job interview, I could tell that the interviewers were trying to identify my strengths, rather than focusing on my shortcomings. I felt working for a company that focused on my possibilities would be a great opportunity, so I didn’t hesitate when I got a job offer from Lam Research. – Minhoon


What do you like about working at Lam?

Lam provides many opportunities to learn, for example, web-based training. In addition, English is a second language for me, and I am getting a chance to improve my speaking and writing skills. – Colin

I am proud to work at Lam Research because it has world-leading technology. Also, Lam provides a good salary and benefits package to employees, and engineers are allowed to choose the field in which they want to learn and grow. – Raphael

My favorite thing about working at Lam Research is my colleagues. They are passionate, proud of their work, and very professional. They inspire me to study more and keep me motivated. – Taeyang


What advice might you offer other recent graduates on transitioning to the workplace?

Develop relationships with your customers and team, and continue to develop your skills. – Colin

Make an effort to broaden your experience by putting a little extra effort into the subjects you like. By doing this myself, I learned the value of hard work and cooperating with others. – Minhoon

Lam Research has an internship program that allows students to “take a sip of the atmosphere” of working here. I strongly recommend this to college students. – Taeyang


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