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Series: A Day in the Life of an NCG – India

June 22, 2015 | Life at Lam

Next up in this series is a glimpse into the work lives of our new college graduate (NCG) employees in the Lam Research India office.

At Lam Research, we are committed to helping bright, enthusiastic NCGs transition to successful and rewarding careers in the workplace. Now in their first jobs after graduating, NCGs working at Lam are truly enjoying their new positions. We caught up with a few of these busy grads to chat with them about their experiences and what they’re learning—and we’re glad we did. In addition to providing insightful workplace perspectives, their stories highlight the importance of decisions they made while in school and during their first jobs following graduation.

Below, six NCGs working at Lam Research India share their experiences. Two are electrical engineers: Manoj (bachelor’s degree in electrical and electronics engineering, PES Institute of Technology) and Sanath (bachelor’s degree in electrical and electronics engineering, University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering [UVCE]). Two are mechanical engineers: Aditya (bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, Bangalore Institute of Technology) and Deepak (bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, M. S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology). Two are software engineers: Prabha (bachelor’s degree in software engineering, M. S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology) and Prakul (bachelor’s degree in electronics engineering and communication, Chandigarh Engineering College).


What is a typical day at work like?

The first thing I do in the morning is check email since I don’t know what may be waiting for me each day, and then I prioritize my individual tasks. Since we work as a team on projects, we usually meet briefly to discuss current activities. This helps us make sure we all understand the problem statement and our roles to eliminate the potential for “double-work.” Whether working or on breaks, we interact, share, and have fun. – Manoj

On a daily basis, I work together with my team on projects. Typical activities are feasibility studies, requirement analysis, design, implementation, and unit testing. This includes coordinating with the quality assurance team during testing, preparing new software documentation, and performing demonstrations for customers. We engage in technical discussions and brainstorming sessions to discuss issues, collect input, resolve bugs, and address customer questions on software usage. – Prabha


How do you like your job and the work you are doing?

I like the challenges and opportunities I have to grow and increase my knowledge and competitiveness by working in a technical position. For example, I worked recently with electrical engineers on a piece of hardware, which allowed me to gain experience and learning outside of my core strengths. – Deepak

I like the support of the engineers on my team. It helps me stay focused on priorities, enhances my execution of activities, and strengthens my understanding of design and development principles. Also, the performance goals set by my manager enable me to align my personal goals with those of the company, which keeps me motivated. – Aditya


Is your job and the workplace what you expected?

As an electrical engineer, I did not anticipate needing a good understanding of basic physics and chemistry in order to do my job. I am amazed by the complexity of the engineering process. – Sanath

I had expected corporate life to include a lot of individual responsibilities. However, at Lam I am part of a team, and everyone is very helpful. – Prabha


What helped you transition to the workplace?

Before joining Lam Research, I was concerned about making the transition from college life to a corporate environment. Fortunately, the company provided my peers and me with “Campus to Corporate” training, which helped us understand the key differences we would encounter in the workplace and make a smooth and comfortable transition. – Deepak


Why did you choose Lam Research?

Lam Research provided me with the best opportunity to apply my engineering education. – Manoj

The electrical engineer position at Lam was more closely related to my core area of study than other offers I had, and Lam Research offered a more competitive compensation package. – Sanath

The position Lam Research had offered was of great interest to me, and the company had a very good reputation in the semiconductor industry. – Prakul


What do you like about working at Lam?

The culture is absolutely awesome. It provides a good work-life balance, and knowledgeable and helpful colleagues are always there to support me. This makes me feel more comfortable and motivates me. In addition, I like having lunch with my colleagues; we have a good time taking breaks together. – Deepak

I like getting opportunities to present my ideas on real engineering problems. They challenge me to apply my education to work on viable solutions. – Aditya

I like the interaction with other groups, which provide expert knowledge and support that enable us to solve a wide variety of technical challenges. This helps me learn how to think outside the box and has been the best part of working here. – Prabha


What advice might you offer other recent graduates on transitioning to the workplace?

Be strong in your core area and develop good communication skills. When first getting started on a new job, take it slow, make sure you understand your work assignments, and spend time getting to know your peers. – Sanath

Be a team player and ask questions. People at Lam Research are very open and willing to help. Also, as an engineer, a good understanding of basic engineering principles is important. – Aditya

Keep in mind that corporate rules are little different from college rules. Also, if you have passion for your job, the transition will be easier. – Prakul


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