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Changes in DRAM

| October 11, 2021 | Industry, Technology
The ability to process data is foundational to our smart, connected world. Microprocessors, in turn, rely on memory chips to store the data they need while working. One of the most popular types of memory is dynamic random access memory (DRAM), and it can be found in many of our favorite electronic devices. Over the years, the amount of memory in mobile phones has increased from 128 MB to 4 GB or even 6 GB today.


Copper Electrodeposition for Fan-Out Wafer-Level Packaging

, and | May 11, 2020 | Technology

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As integrated circuit designers bring more sophisticated chip functionality into smaller spaces, heterogeneous integration, including 3D stacking of devices, becomes an increasingly useful and cost-effective …

Silicon Snack: eSports Are Taking the Field

| May 4, 2020 | Industry

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In 2019, 98.2 million viewers tuned in to watch the Superbowl, hailing the event as the “most viewed broadcast in America.” In recent years, a …

Inside the Mysterious World of Plasma: A Process Engineer’s Perspective

| April 27, 2020 | Industry

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Have you ever seen a lightning bolt? What about the northern lights or a neon sign? These things are made of plasma, the fourth state …

Taking Action During Earth Month

| April 20, 2020 | Community, Life at Lam

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This year is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day and the theme is climate action. The first Earth Day in 1970 saw millions of people …

COVID-19: Lam Commits $25M to Global Relief and Recovery Efforts

| April 8, 2020 | Community, Corporate

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Lam today announced it is dedicating $25 million for global COVID-19 relief and recovery efforts. The fund includes the relief funds to employees, employee benefit resources, and …

Thinking About Artificial Intelligence

| March 23, 2020 | Industry

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It’s pretty hard to talk about technology today without artificial intelligence, or AI, entering into the conversation. It seems to be everywhere… and growing. Businesses …

CTO Perspective on a Data Driven World

| March 16, 2020 | Industry, Technology

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Lam Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Richard A. Gottscho, gave a keynote at the SEMI Industry Strategy Symposium (ISS), the annual executive conference …

Lam Receives Intel’s 2019 Preferred Quality Supplier Award

| March 5, 2020 | Corporate

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Lam Research has been recognized by Intel as a recipient of a 2019 Preferred Quality Supplier (PQS) award. The PQS award recognizes companies like Lam …

Lam Revolutionizes Chipmaking Process with New Plasma Etching System

| March 3, 2020 | Corporate, Technology

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Building on four decades of etch industry leadership, Lam today launched a new plasma etch technology and system solution. The new Sense.i™ platform features Lam’s …

Silicon Snack: AR/VR Changing How We Learn

| March 2, 2020 | Industry

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Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) have unlocked incredible possibilities in education – bringing tomorrow’s technology into today’s learning. The influence of AR and …

Lam Introduces EUV Lithography Technology Breakthrough

| February 26, 2020 | Corporate, Technology

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Addressing critical needs for next-generation device scaling, Lam today introduced a new dry photoresist technology that offers significant improvement in EUV lithography resolution, productivity and …

Fueling Career Success with Lam’s Internships

| February 18, 2020 | Life at Lam

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At Lam, we work hard to create an environment where our interns can challenge limits and fuel their career success. This summer, when our interns …

Patterning Symposium: Connecting Minds, Advancing Light

| February 10, 2020 | Technology

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The full spectrum of patterning topics will be discussed at the upcoming SPIE Advanced Lithography symposium. Held at the San Jose Convention Center on February …

Delivering Joy Around the World

| February 3, 2020 | Community

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The generosity and compassion of Lam employees reached even more communities in 2019 as offices around the world participated in giving and volunteer programs to …

Happy Lunar New Year

| January 27, 2020 | Corporate

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Celebrated around the world, the Lunar New Year is a time for family reunions, food buffets, and millenia-old traditions. This year, January 25, marks the …

Lam Receives Two Key Rankings for Being an Admirable Workplace

| January 23, 2020 | Corporate

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In addition to reaching its 40th anniversary this week, Lam was included on two key award rankings for being an admirable workplace: recognitions by both …

Lam Celebrates 40 Years

| January 21, 2020 | Corporate

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Technology has come a long way over the past few decades. Since our founding by David K. Lam on January 20, 1980, Lam Research has …

Smarter Future on Stage at SEMICON Korea

| January 13, 2020 | Technology

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[Notice]  SEMICON KOREA 2020 Is Canceled SEMICON Korea 2020, which was scheduled to be held from Feb 5 to Feb 7 by SEMI KOREA, will …

2019 Blog Review: Top Posts of the Year

| January 6, 2020 | Industry, Technology

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2019 was quite a year for the Lam Blog. From sharing an inside peek at our favorite day of the year, Bring Our Children to …

Season’s Greetings from Lam

| December 19, 2019 | Corporate

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As we near the end of 2019, all of us at Lam would like to wish our friends, colleagues, customers, and collaborators around the globe …