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The semiconductor industry’s next inflection point

| December 2, 2021 | Corporate, Technology
For decades, the semiconductor industry has been defined by our ability to innovate. Each time we’ve been faced with seemingly insurmountable technological challenges, we have invented innovative approaches and methods to solve them, and in doing so, we’ve helped to transform how the world works, plays, learns, and connects.


Lam Presentations at SEMICON West 2015

| June 29, 2015 | Technology

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What does the future look like for semiconductor technology? For a peek at what’s on the horizon, head to SEMICON® West, the annual tradeshow held …

Series: A Day in the Life of an NCG – India

| June 22, 2015 | Life at Lam

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Next up in this series is a glimpse into the work lives of our new college graduate (NCG) employees in the Lam Research India office. …

Every Atom Matters at These Conferences

| June 15, 2015 | Technology

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Experts in the atomic-scale processing community will soon assemble at the AVS ALD 2015 Conference and the ALE Workshop to share advances in fundamental understanding …

Supporting STEM Education

| June 8, 2015 | Community

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Since 2000, the Lam Research Foundation has funded an in-school engineering program within the Fremont, California, school district that has grown from four classes in …

Tastes of ALE: New Articles on Atomic Layer Etching

| June 1, 2015 | Technology

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Interest in atomic layer etching (ALE) is intensifying as it emerges as an enabling technique for advanced etch applications. As features on a chip continue …

A 35-Year Perspective – Industry Milestones

| May 26, 2015 | Corporate, Industry

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This article continues our look back over the past 35 years since Lam was founded. In our first perspective piece, we took a look at …

Collaboration Leads to Promising New Metallization Approach

| May 19, 2015 | Corporate, Technology

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Joint research in the semiconductor industry often drives innovative solutions for future technology nodes and is particularly valuable for exploring options several generations – and …

Etch Performance Plus Productivity – Enabling Advanced Memory Manufacturing

| May 13, 2015 | Corporate, Technology

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As manufacturers move to high-volume production for 3D NAND and advanced DRAM, chips must be fabricated quickly with repeatable results for every device on every …

Connect with Interconnect Experts at IITC/MAM

| May 11, 2015 | Technology

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Lam is gearing up for a number of exciting activities at an upcoming joint conference on interconnects, metallization, and 3D integration. The IEEE International Interconnect …

Series: A Day in the Life of an NCG – Korea

| May 4, 2015 | Life at Lam

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Next up in this series is a glimpse into the work lives of some of our new college graduate (NCG) employees at Lam Research Korea …

Celebrating Earth Day 2015

| April 22, 2015 | Community

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An estimated one billion people in over 190 countries will participate in Earth Day activities on Wednesday, April 22, 2015, in celebration of the largest …

Success at 10 nm – What Will It Take?

| April 13, 2015 | Technology

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Achieving incredibly small dimensions for next-generation chips will involve new technologies with more stringent specifications. For one thing, greater control of process variability will be …

Golden Anniversary of Moore’s Law

| April 6, 2015 | Industry

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This April marks the 50th anniversary of Moore’s Law, an insightful observation long used to benchmark the pace of semiconductor technology advancement. In his pivotal …

Life at Lam

| March 31, 2015 | Life at Lam

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What motivates us to do great work? If you answered recognition, you may want to give this a second thought. As it turns out, the …

Tech Brief: Multiple Patterning Makes Miniaturization Possible

| March 23, 2015 | Industry, Technology

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Have you ever wondered how everyday electronics, like smartphones and tablets, pack so much functionality into such relatively small and lightweight packages? If so, here’s …

A 35-Year Perspective – End-User Devices

| March 16, 2015 | Corporate, Industry

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As we commemorate Lam’s 35th anniversary, journey back with us to remember and appreciate some amazing semiconductor technology developments and their impact over the years. …

An Irrational Celebration: Super Pi Day

| March 14, 2015 | Corporate

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March 14 has become an annual day of celebration around the world, particularly among those in the technology and engineering communities, as the date is …

Series: A Day in the Life of an NCG – Oregon

| March 2, 2015 | Life at Lam

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In this article, we take a look at what our new college graduate (NCG) employees are busy working on at the Lam Research offices in …

More Fruits and Vegetables, Please

| February 23, 2015 | Community

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The forecast was cloudy with a chance of a storm, yet despite the weather, nearly 1,100 runners showed up to participate in the second annual …

Celebrating the Year of the Sheep

| February 19, 2015 | Corporate

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This week marks the beginning of the Lunar New Year and the “Year of the Sheep.” For our Asian friends, colleagues, and associates, welcoming the …