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Lam ships its 10,000th single wafer clean chamber

| September 13, 2021 | Corporate, Technology
Lam recently achieved an impressive product milestone with the shipment of our 10,000th single wafer clean chamber. This marks an incredible journey from the SP100 single chamber product first shipped in 1991 to the state-of-the-art EOS® 16-chamber tools shipped today to the most advanced fabs in the world. 


A Sense of Scale: How Small Is Small?

| February 1, 2016 | Industry, Technology

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One of the most astounding aspects of semiconductor chips is their incredibly small scale. Practically measured in atoms, some feature dimensions are on the order …

Lam Cares: Holiday Giving Wrap-Up

| January 25, 2016 | Community

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To celebrate the holiday season and the year end, our employees embarked on a “Lam Cares” campaign to give back to our local communities. Through …

Looking Ahead to 2016

| January 18, 2016 | Industry, Technology

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With the new year underway, you may be wondering what lies ahead for the semiconductor world. Once again, Solid State Technology has checked in with …

Journal Papers Showcase Research at Lam

| January 11, 2016 | Technology

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From materials research to plasma fundamentals, Lam’s technologists are contributing to practical and theoretical developments in their fields. One way they help advance technology and …

Highlights from 2015

| January 4, 2016 | Corporate

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To help kick-off the new year, we thought we’d share a few of our favorite stories from 2015. These blog articles celebrated milestones like the …

From All of Us at Lam: Season’s Greetings!

| December 17, 2015 | Community, Corporate

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Time sure flies. It’s hard to believe that 2015 – with its unique events and many memorable moments – is almost over. From celebrating 50 …

Lam Receives Supplier Award from TowerJazz

| December 14, 2015 | Corporate

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Lam Research was honored to receive the 2015 “Best Fab Tool Service” Supplier Award from TowerJazz, a leading global specialty foundry. The award recognized Lam …

Celebrating 35 Years of Innovation

| December 7, 2015 | Corporate, Life at Lam

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Remember what technology looked like back in 1980? Fortunately things like those giant “brick” cell phones have evolved into small and powerful devices like the …

Profile: Lam Research Oregon

| November 30, 2015 | Corporate, Life at Lam

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Located in the heart of Oregon’s “Silicon Forest,” Lam’s 58-acre Tualatin campus is about 15 miles southwest of downtown Portland and has been in operation …

Racing Around the Community

| November 19, 2015 | Community

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We strive to embody Lam’s Core Values at work and in our communities, and some of our recent outreach events are a good demonstration of …

A Sense of Scale: How High Is High?

| November 9, 2015 | Industry

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When it comes to aspect ratios – how tall an object is vs. how wide it is – even the tallest buildings in the world …

Bunny Suits, Wafers, and Tools: All in a Day’s Work

| November 2, 2015 | Life at Lam

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“I’d like to work here if I got to wear the marshmallow suit,” said an inspired 11-year-old participant of Bring Our Children to Work Day …

The Art of Innovation

| October 26, 2015 | Corporate, Life at Lam

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When it comes to innovation, art and science have a lot in common – especially the need for inspiration. That’s why art inspired by Lam’s …

Lam Goes to Washington for Climate Forum

| October 19, 2015 | Community, Corporate

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Martin Anstice, Lam president and CEO, and Dave Hemker, senior VP and CTO, were honored to join U.S. President Barack Obama, government officials, and business …

Heading to the 2015 AVS Symposium

| October 12, 2015 | Technology

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Each autumn, scientists and engineers from around the globe look forward to discussing the latest advances in materials, surfaces, interfaces, and processing at the week-long …

A 35-Year Perspective – Lam’s Technologies

| October 5, 2015 | Corporate, Technology

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Since first opening our doors in 1980, we have significantly expanded the markets and applications that our products and technologies serve. In this final article …

Cool Chemistry on Stage at ECS Fall Meeting

| September 28, 2015 | Technology

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What do thin film deposition, plasma etch, and wafer cleaning have in common? They all involve cutting-edge chemistry and they will all be on stage …

Series: A Day in the Life of an NCG – California

| September 21, 2015 | Life at Lam

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In our final article of this series, five new college graduate (NCG) employees share what it’s like to work at Lam Research in our Fremont …

A Sense of Scale: How Big Is a Billion?

| September 14, 2015 | Industry

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We often hear there are over a billion transistors in a single microprocessor today, but how big is a billion? That number is so enormous …

A Glimpse Into the World of Engineers

| September 8, 2015 | Life at Lam, Technology

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Remember the curiosity you had about your first science experiment in school? Engineers feel that same excitement in their jobs every day at Lam – …