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New Workshop Spotlights Atomic Layer Etch

July 7, 2014 | Technology

This spring Lam Research was among a small number of equipment companies to join device manufacturers, universities, and research institutions in San Francisco at SEMATECH’s first-ever workshop on Atomic Layer Etch (ALE) and Atomic Layer Clean Technology. Experts from around the globe presented their findings on process chemistry/physics, applications, and metrology for these innovative atomic-scale capabilities.

The spotlight at the workshop was primarily on ALE. Although much remains to be resolved on the emerging technologies surrounding atomic layer etching, there was general agreement at the workshop that ALE will provide chipmakers with new capabilities to deliver the better process control needed for advanced applications. Presentations focused on both directional and isotropic ALE approaches, with the suggestion that the directional techniques were more challenging. Consensus was that if the industry can make ALE work in production, then semiconductor manufacturers will find more places to use it, particularly for applications like etching new III-V materials.

To learn more about Lam’s pioneering work in making ALE production-worthy, check out Lam’s article “Moving Atomic Layer Etch from Lab to Fab” in Solid State Technology magazine.


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