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New Products Enable Inflections for Advanced Devices

Deposition and etch processes play vital roles in enabling technology inflections like multiple patterning and 3D structures that are used to create smaller, faster, and more powerful devices. As a result, chipmakers rely on equipment suppliers for innovative solutions that address both technical and productivity requirements. To address customers’ critical needs for advanced devices, Lam recently released two new products as described in the announcements below.


Multiple patterning remains a key method for creating smaller and more closely packed features. In the case of self-aligned schemes, deposition is used to create the pattern-defining spacers, requiring highly conformal and extremely uniform thin films. As more patterning process steps are added, minimizing variability and providing high productivity for volume manufacturing become even more important. Using Lam’s advanced atomic layer deposition (ALD) capabilities, our newest VECTOR® ALD Oxide system delivers the technical and productivity performance needed for current and next-generation multi-patterning schemes.


Lam Research Releases High-Productivity VECTOR® ALD Oxide Deposition System

The new atomic layer deposition product provides excellent critical dimension control with high productivity to enable volume manufacturing for advanced multi-patterning applications

FREMONT, CA — (Marketwired) – 7/13/15 – Lam Research Corp. (NASDAQ: LRCX), a major global supplier of innovative wafer fabrication equipment and services to the semiconductor industry, today announced it has released its high-productivity VECTOR® ALD Oxide system on the Extreme platform. The new product uses atomic layer deposition (ALD) to create highly conformal dielectric films with an emphasis on advanced patterning, in particular spacer-based multiple patterning. One key challenge is managing thickness variability of the self-aligned spacers that define critical dimensions (CDs). By delivering superior CD control, VECTOR ALD Oxide has been winning volume-production decisions for multi-patterning applications. Now leveraging Lam’s Extreme platform, the latest system meets productivity requirements for continued scaling, where additional steps increase process time, cost, and complexity. As a result, VECTOR ALD Oxide is gaining rapid adoption by a number of leading chipmakers for advanced multi-step patterning applications.

“Multiple patterning continues to be a key inflection for the industry, and spacer-based multi-patterning remains an enabling strategy for chipmakers for both current immersion and future EUV lithography schemes,” said Sesha Varadarajan, group vice president, Deposition Product Group. “With this in mind, we are working closely with our customers to deliver cost-effective, extendible solutions required for further scaling, such as the high-productivity atomic-scale control from our VECTOR ALD Oxide product.”

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As DRAM and 3D NAND devices continue to scale in order to pack more capability into smaller chips, the geometries of critical high aspect ratio (HAR) features become even more extreme. Etching all the way to the bottom of these tall and narrow structures becomes more challenging, as does avoiding distortions like bowing or twisting. To address these requirements, our new Flex™ G Series dielectric etch system delivers high etch selectivity and controlled material removal for vertical and straight HAR structures.


Lam Research Launches Flex™ G Series for High-Aspect-Ratio Dielectric Etch

Combining high ion energy with advanced process uniformity tuning, the new system delivers overall best-in-class performance for next-generation DRAM and 3D NAND applications

FREMONT, CA — (Marketwired) – 7/13/15 – Lam Research Corp. (NASDAQ: LRCX), a major global supplier of innovative wafer fabrication equipment and services to the semiconductor industry, today announced it has introduced the Flex™ G Series for high-aspect-ratio (HAR) dielectric etch to enable the continued scaling of DRAM and 3D NAND devices. The HAR capacitor cells and vertical transistor channels within these devices require the formation of distortion-free vertical profiles from the top to the bottom of these tall, narrow features. Built upon Lam’s Flex product family, the market leader in dielectric etch for memory, the new system meets these challenges by combining high ion energy, advanced process uniformity tuning, and proprietary RF pulsing. Together, these deliver overall best-in-class on-wafer performance, as well as the productivity needed to reduce manufacturing costs.

“Advanced memory device designs involve increasingly high-aspect-ratio dielectric etch applications,” said Vahid Vahedi, group vice president, Etch Product Group. “These require etching through very deep structures with exceptional process control. Using innovative technology that enables tuning critical process parameters like etch profile and mask selectivity, our new Flex G Series is designed to help our customers address their most difficult challenges.”

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