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New Article Highlights IoT Challenges and Opportunities

January 26, 2015 | Technology

The coming “Internet of Things,” or IoT, holds promise to create a new world of extreme connectivity along with a host of exciting new technology applications like smart homes and wearable sensors. It has also become a popular topic of discussion throughout the technology community – and the focus of a new article by Dave Hemker, Lam’s senior vice president and Chief Technology Officer.

In case you missed it, Dave’s piece, published recently by Solid State Technology, outlines infrastructure requirements and related economic and technical challenges. In addition, it identifies emerging market opportunities for chip equipment suppliers like Lam Research. These fall into two distinctly different categories: leading-edge technologies to enable the IoT infrastructure and trailing-edge capabilities to support cost-sensitive sensor manufacturing. While the timing of its emergence is uncertain, the IoT is an exciting development that will drive additional growth for the semiconductor industry.


IoT’s divergent needs will drive different types of technologies

Given the current buzz around the Internet of Things (IoT), it is easy to lose sight of the challenges – both economic and technical. On the economic side is the need to cost-effectively manufacture up to a trillion sensors used to gather data, while on the technical side, the challenge involves building out the infrastructure. This includes enabling the transmission, storage, and analysis of volumes of data far exceeding anything we see today. These divergent needs will drive the semiconductor equipment industry to provide very different types of manufacturing solutions to support the IoT.

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