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Lam Turns 35

January 21, 2015 | Corporate

Since David Lam founded our company 35 years ago today, our focus has been on providing enabling technology and value to the semiconductor industry. Over the years, we have seen incredible advancement in chipmaking technology that has fundamentally changed the way we learn, communicate, and live. This breakthrough innovation has been most visible in computing, mobility, and entertainment, and we see more coming in medical diagnostics, transportation, the Cloud, and the Internet of Things. At the heart of these innovations are the process technologies from Lam that enable chipmakers to provide the electronics that have become so pervasive. And at the heart of Lam Research are the thousands of talented and dedicated employees.

As we celebrate Lam’s 35th anniversary, we are proud of our employees’ many contributions to our company and the industry. From our humble beginnings as a single-product company, we have grown into a global organization with multiple product lines – providing technologies and services that enable our customers to build the latest chips. Today, we strive to be one of the most trusted and collaborative suppliers in the industry, guided by our unwavering focus on mutual success with customers and partners and supported by our values-based culture.

The future looks bright as continued demand for more sophisticated and powerful electronic devices creates many new opportunities for Lam’s products and services to help chipmakers deliver the next generation of devices. We are proud to have shared this journey of success with our customers, partners, and employees, and because of them, we have much to look forward to in what lies ahead.

Stay tuned to Lam’s Blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter channels for more reflections on the past 35 years, and watch for perspectives from our employees at #WhyLam.



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