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Lam Ships Its 2,000th VECTOR PECVD Module

July 21, 2014 | Technology

Lam recently achieved an impressive product milestone with the shipment of our 2,000th VECTOR® PECVD module for dielectric film deposition (PECVD = plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition). Launched with great fanfare at SEMICON West 2000, VECTOR was the company’s first production-worthy 300 mm PECVD system.

One of the key attributes of the VECTOR products is the patented Multi-Station Sequential Deposition, or MSSD, design. This provides the ability to process four wafers at a time in a single chamber, either sequentially or in parallel. The advantage is high throughput and uniform layers, since all wafers see the same process environment. At the time of its launch, one industry analyst called the new product a “category killer”, and VECTOR was indeed well received in the marketplace. By 2004, we had shipped 250 of VECTOR modules; by 2010, that number had grown to over 1,000 modules.

Over the years, the VECTOR product has evolved from a single system architecture to multiple configurations for specific dielectric deposition applications, including thick memory films, low-k dielectrics, ashable hardmasks, and so on. With the 2,000th module shipment, VECTOR products can lay claim to depositing over 40 different films and processing over 4 billion wafers!


Unveiling the original VECTOR at SEMICON West 2000


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