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Lam Executives Visit Japan’s Tohoku Rainbow House

October 6, 2014 | Community

Lam’s President and CEO Martin Anstice and Japan Regional VP Yukimasa Yoshida had the chance to visit the Tohoku Rainbow House in Sendai, Japan, where they saw first-hand the exceptional care provided to the hurting children who come to the facility, one of several operated by the Ashinaga Foundation. After the March 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, Lam donated US$250,000 to the Ashinaga Foundation through the Lam Research Foundation, so the visit also served as a gesture of our continued support and offered an opportunity to see the expanded facilities.

The facility provides care and services to children whose parent or guardian has suffered a serious disability or died due to serious illness, accident, disaster, or suicide. The Rainbow House mission was inspired by a fourth-grade boy who was affected by the 1995 Great Hanshin earthquake. He drew a rainbow in the night sky with the moon and stars, but colored the rainbow black. This painting became known as the “Black Rainbow” and illustrated how deeply these children’s hearts were scarred. Rainbow House is a safe place where children can release stressful emotions through playing and sharing their feelings with other children who have lost parents.

Tohaku_Rainbow_Execs(Left image) Yoshiji Hayashida, director of Tohoku Rainbow House; Martin Anstice; and Yukimasa Yoshida with the “Black Rainbow” painting that inspired the mission of Rainbow House; (right image) The Discussion Room


Martin and Yoshida-san were led by Mr. Yoshiji Hayashida, director of Tohoku Rainbow House, through a tour of the recently constructed facilities. They visited the main building, which was adapted from a former hospital, as well as a newly built annex that was primarily funded by the Lam Research Foundation grant. The main building houses a Discussion Room where children are encouraged to talk freely with other children in a roundtable setting while hugging their favorite stuffed animal. The main building also has a Punching Bag Room where children are encouraged to release their stress through physical activity. The annex houses a large gymnasium where children can play group sports and pitch tents for overnight stays. The gymnasium also has an open upper deck where parents and relatives can watch their children play while talking to other parents for support.

The Ashinaga Foundation plans to build two more Rainbow Houses in the Tohoku area to serve the more than 2,000 identified children who were particularly affected by the earthquake and tsunami. Lam Research Japan plans to continue its support of Tohoku Rainbow House, as it is crucial for children who have lost parents to receive ongoing emotional support.



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