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Lam and imec Partner on Next-Generation Patterning and Metallization Solutions

Collaboration is increasingly important in the semiconductor industry as a way to develop new technologies and capabilities, while managing development costs. Over the years Lam has become a trusted partner in semiconductor manufacturing by focusing on collaboration, co-developing products and technologies with customers and research organizations.

For example, Lam recently signed a partnership agreement with imec, a micro-and-nanoelectronics research center headquartered in Leuven, Belgium. As described in imec’s press release, this partnership will leverage Lam’s state-of-the-art etch and deposition tools and imec’s advanced integration capabilities. The work will focus on patterning and metallization solutions for next-generation CMOS process technologies.

With the signing of the agreement, Lam becomes a member of imec’s “Supplier Hub.” The imec hub aims to offer a neutral, open-innovation R&D platform, where semiconductor manufacturing equipment suppliers are more involved at an early stage of development. Suppliers joining the hub have the ability to assess their tool’s performance on product stacks, develop process control and hardware/software options, and integrate new materials. For imec’s partners, greater involvement of suppliers like Lam helps ensure continued access to best-in-class infrastructure and novel materials for process step and module development on next-generation technologies.




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