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Focus on Innovation and Collaboration Pays Off in R&D Efficiency

August 12, 2014 | Corporate

As a company, Lam focuses heavily on ongoing innovation combined with collaboration. By teaming up with customers, research institutions, and suppliers, we gain insights into where semiconductor manufacturing technology is going, which in turn helps make our R&D investments more efficient. Is it working? We think so and by way of a proof, Lam recently made it into the ranks of R&D All-Stars on CNBC’s RQ 50 list (RQ = research quotient).

Put out by CNBC in partnership with Professor Anne Marie Knott from the Olin School of Business at Washington University in St. Louis, the RQ 50 list is a new ranking of the most innovative companies in the market. It calculates the percentage increase in revenues associated with a 1% increase in R&D spending for publicly-held U.S. companies investing more than $100 million a year in research and development activities. Lam came in at #16 and was the only semiconductor manufacturing equipment company to make it into this elite group.

According to Professor Knott, there are a few common traits among companies with high RQ share. In the CNBC article “R&D all-stars every value investor needs to know about,” she said, “Most are strategic and put innovation front and center in their organization. These firms tend to have centralized R&D, and they fund it consistently.” Knott noted further that companies making the list are ahead of technology trends and are able to anticipate market shifts to exploit niche opportunities.




To see the complete list and metrics, please visit the article “The R&D elite of the market: The CNBC RQ 50” on the CNBC website.


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