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Connect with Interconnect Experts at IITC/MAM

Lam is gearing up for a number of exciting activities at an upcoming joint conference on interconnects, metallization, and 3D integration. The IEEE International Interconnect Technology Conference (IITC) and Materials for Advanced Metallization (MAM) Conference will be held together on May 18-21, 2015, in Grenoble, France. Through our Silver sponsorship we are pleased to support this premier conference, which brings together professionals from around the world in the fields of semiconductor processing, interconnect design, and equipment development.

First up, Lam’s Dr. Thorsten Lill will give a talk titled, “Plasma Etching: Atomic Scale Surface Fidelity and 2D Materials” at the pre-conference workshop on Monday, May 18. His presentation will review requirements, challenges, and solutions to achieve atomic-scale fidelity for etch patterning processes.

On Tuesday, May 19, we will host an evening reception at the MINATEC campus as part of the Supplier Seminar Series. The event will feature presentations by industry experts, followed by an interactive poster session with Lam technologists who will share their thoughts on the challenges facing the interconnect community.

You can also hear more about our activities in the areas of advanced metallization, interconnect, and 3D integration at the following presentations.


Cobalt Bottom-Up Contact and Via Prefill Enabling Advanced Logic and DRAM Technologies
M.H. van der Veen (imec), K. Vandersmissen (imec), D. Dictus (Lam Research), S. Demuynck (imec), R. Liu (Lam Research), X. Bin (Lam Research), P. Nalla (Lam Research), A. Lesniewska (imec), L. Hall (Lam Research), K. Croes (imec), L. Zhao (Lam Research), J. Bömmels (imec), A. Kolics (Lam Research), Zs. Tökei (imec)
Tuesday, May 19, 1:45-3:30 PM session

Sub-90 nm Pitch Cu Low-k Interconnect Etch Solution Using RF Pulsing Technology
J.H. Liao, Y.T. Lai, S. Wan, B. Kuo (UMC); P. Gopaladasu, D. Wei, S. Yao, W. Lin, I. Wang, P. Lin, B. Finch, S. Deshmukh (Lam Research)
Tuesday, May 19, 4:45–6:15 PM poster session

Demonstration of a Cost-Effective Cu Electroless TSV Metallization Scheme
K. Vandersmissen, F. Inoue, D. Velenis, Y. Li, S. Van Huylenbroeck, N. Heylen, H. Struyf, M.H. van der Veen (imec); D. Dictus, B. Frees (Lam Research); M. Kondo, T. Seino (Moses Lake Industries)
Wednesday, May 20, 1:30–3:15 PM session

Advanced Integrated Metallization Enables 3D-IC TSV Scaling
J. Yu, S. Gopinath, P. Nalla, M. Thorum, L. Schloss, D.M. Anjos, P. Meshram, G. Harm, J. Richardson, T. Mountsier
(Lam Research)
Wednesday, May 20, 1:30–3:15 PM session

Cobalt UBM for Fine Pitch Microbump Applications in 3DIC
J. Derakhshandeh (imec), I. De Preter (imec), K. Vandersmissen (imec), D. Dictus (Lam Research), L. Di Piazza (Micron), L. Hou (KU Leuven), S. Guerrieri (Micron), G. Vakanas (Intel), S. Armini (imec), R. Daily (imec), A. Lesniewska (imec), Y. Vandelaer (KU Leuven), M. Van De Peer (imec), J. Slabbekoorn (imec), K.J. Rebibis (imec), A. Miller (imec), G. Beyer (imec), E. Beyne (imec)
Wednesday, May 20, 4:40–6:10 PM poster session

Reliability Study of Liner/Barrier/Seed Options for Via-Middle TSVs with 3 Micron Diameter and Below
Y. Li (imec), S. Van Huylenbroeck (imec), Ph. Roussel (imec),M. Brouri (Lam Research), S. Gopinath (Lam Research), D.M. Anjos (Lam Research), M. Thorum (Lam Research), J. Yu (Lam Research), G.P. Beyer (imec), E. Beyne1, K. Croes (imec)
Thursday, May 21, 1:13–2:50 PM session

For more details about the conference, please visit the IITC/MAM website.


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