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Deborah Hong

Deborah is a digital marketing and communications senior manager at Lam Research.

Tech Powering Renewable Energy

Deborah Hong | April 9, 2018

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Fields of wind turbines and homes with shiny solar panels on their roofs have become part of the natural landscape in many areas today, but …

Technology in Education: Changing the Way Kids Learn

Deborah Hong | October 16, 2017

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For many students, technology is shaping a significantly different kind of learning environment than the one their parents experienced. Devices like smartphones are not only …

Tech for Pets

Deborah Hong | June 26, 2017

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We use technology to improve nearly every area of life, and doting on our pets’ well-being is no exception. In fact, many pet stores now …

Earth Day 2017 – Energy Efficiency Enabled by Technology

Deborah Hong | April 17, 2017

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This year, more than a billion people from over 193 countries are expected to participate in Earth Day activities. Marking its 47th anniversary on Saturday, …

Spooky Science – Tech or Treat!

Deborah Hong | October 31, 2016

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The lines between science fiction and reality continue to blur thanks to technological advances in devices like thermal imaging equipment, 3D printing, and even neural …

Fusing Technology and Fun: Bring Our Children to Work Day 2016

Deborah Hong | October 24, 2016

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Life at Lam

For the third year in a row, hundreds of kids hopped around in bunny suits, learned about technology, and had an all-around fun time at …

Celebrate Earth Day – Clever Green Tech Innovations

Deborah Hong | April 18, 2016

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Community, Corporate

Our world is full of high-tech innovations. From smartphones, computers, and entertainment products to extraordinary advances in medicine, science, and countless industries, we’ve all seen …

The Art of Innovation

Deborah Hong | October 26, 2015

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Corporate, Life at Lam

When it comes to innovation, art and science have a lot in common – especially the need for inspiration. That’s why art inspired by Lam’s …

Supporting Technology and Science Education – Through Robots!

Deborah Hong | August 31, 2015

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Community, Life at Lam

Shared values of strategic thinking and teamwork – plus a love of robotics – have brought Lam employees and local high school teams together to …