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A Plasma State of Mind – Upcoming Conference Presentations

October 29, 2014 | Technology

Plasma processing takes center stage every fall at the Gaseous Electronics Conference (GEC) and the AVS International Symposium. These conferences bring together experts from the semiconductor industry and academia to address the challenges in creating precise, repeatable processes for increasingly small and complex semiconductor device structures. Technologists from Lam will present their work on plasma deposition and etch solutions at both conferences, as highlighted below.



The 67th GEC takes place November 3-7 in Raleigh, North Carolina. GEC has long been one of the preeminent conferences on plasma science and collision physics (full scientific program). We are a silver sponsor and will present three papers at this year’s conference:

“Insights into Plasma Etch Profile Evolution with 3D Profile Simulation”
Saravanapriyan Sriraman, A. Paterson (Lam Research); Y. Zhang, M. Kushner (University of Michigan)
Tuesday, Nov. 4, 1:45 PM

“A Simplified Model of the Electrical Asymmetry Effect”
Douglas Keil, E. Augustyniak, Y. Sakiyama, P. Ni
Tuesday, Nov. 4, 5:15 PM

“In-Situ Diagnostics and Characterization of Etch By-Product Deposition on Chamber Walls During Halogen Etching of Silicon”
Neema Rastgar, S. Sriraman, R. Marsh, A. Paterson
Wednesday, Nov. 5, 2:15 PM



The 61st AVS International Symposium & Exhibition will take place November 9-14 in Baltimore, Maryland. This meeting will focus on materials, surfaces, and interfaces that advance device technologies. Lam will have a strong presence at AVS, including sponsorship of the Plasma Science and Technology Division and seven papers:

“Using Hydrogen Post Etch Treatment (H2 PET) to Resolve Poly Residue Defect Issue of Dummy Poly Removal (DPR) in Hi-k Metal Gate Processing” [PS-MoM8] Chih-Chien Wang, F.Y. Chang, S.-Y. Lu (United Microelectronics Co.); P.-W. Huang, Y.-C. Kao, S.-Y. Cheng, T.-T. Su (Lam Research)
Monday, Nov. 10, 10:40 AM

(Invited) “Plasma Etch in the Era of Atomic Scale Fidelity” [PS-MoA6] Vahid Vahedi, J. Marks
Monday, Nov. 10, 3:40 PM

“A Fast Numerical Method for Determining the Pressure Distribution in Electrostatic Chucks” [VT-TuM1] Jack McInerney
Tuesday, Nov. 11, 8:00 AM

“Insights to Critical Dimension Control Through 3-Dimensional Profile Simulation for Plasma Etching” [PS2-WeM3] Yiting Zhang, M. Kushner (University of Michigan); S. Sriraman, A. Paterson (Lam Research)
Wednesday, Nov. 12, 8:40 AM

(Invited) “The Role of Diagnostics in Plasma Etch Reactors in Enabling the Information Age” [PS-WeA3] Alex Paterson, J. Holland, S. Sriraman, E. Hudson, H. Singh, V. Vahedi
Wednesday, Nov. 12, 3:00 PM

“Highly Selective Atomic Layer Etching of Silicon Dioxide Using Fluorocarbons” [PS2+TF-ThM2] Eric Hudson, V. Vidyarthi, R. Bhowmick, R. Bise, H. Shin, G. Delgadino, B. Jariwala, D. Lambert, S. Deshmukh
Thursday Nov. 13, 8:20 AM

“Surface Reactions during Ammonia-Plasma-Assisted Atomic Layer Deposition of Silicon Nitride” [PS1+TF-ThM10] Dennis Hausmann (Lam Research); R. Ovanesyan, S. Agarwal (Colorado School of Mines)
Thursday, Nov. 13, 11:00 AM


We are also sponsoring one of the Electronic Materials and Processing Division Industrial Forums on Monday, Nov. 10, at 6:00 PM. For those interested in learning about careers at Lam, this forum will provide the opportunity to hear about the company from one of our technologists. After the presentation, there will be a question and answer period and informal discussion.


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