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A 35-Year Perspective – Company Highlights

July 27, 2015 | Corporate

The industry has changed significantly over the past 35 years – and so has Lam. Since 1980, numerous decisions, achievements, and changes have contributed to our growth from a single-product company into the multi-product, global organization that we are today.

From the start, Lam’s mission has been to provide enabling technology and value to our customers, beginning with the development of the industry’s first-ever single-wafer etch product. As our customer base increased, we began to develop new technologies and expand internationally. Thanks to a history of strong leadership, by 1995 we had a range of innovative product solutions and a global infrastructure in place to support our customers. As the company grew, our visionary leadership team began to focus on strengthening our culture. Believing that a work environment based on shared values would drive innovation and achievement, they led a company-wide effort to develop a set of Core Values. These values now guide all business decisions and set us apart by empowering our employees and facilitating collaboration with customers and partners for mutual success.

Check out the timeline below to see some of the defining events in Lam’s history that continue to fuel our growth and success in the fast-paced, competitive semiconductor industry.

Read more about Lam’s anniversary at our Lam Turns 35 blog article. In case you missed them, you can also take a look at our 35-year perspectives on end-user devicesindustry milestones, and Lam’s technologies.


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