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The semiconductor industry’s next inflection point

| December 2, 2021 | Corporate, Technology
For decades, the semiconductor industry has been defined by our ability to innovate. Each time we’ve been faced with seemingly insurmountable technological challenges, we have invented innovative approaches and methods to solve them, and in doing so, we’ve helped to transform how the world works, plays, learns, and connects.


Bright ideas, bold moves, big thinking: Happy holidays from Lam

| December 17, 2021 | Corporate

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2021 was an extraordinary year for the semiconductor industry. Market demand for chips reached an all-time high as the global pandemic continued to shift the …

Introducing Syndion® GP: powering the future of advanced power devices

| December 7, 2021 | Technology

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The logic and memory chips that power our smart phones, laptops, gaming consoles and other favorite devices may be stealing all the headlines these days, …

A milestone achievement toward a more sustainable future

| November 30, 2021 | Community, Corporate

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For over four decades, Lam Research has been diligently engineering technologies that have helped to shape our connected world, powering ever smaller, faster, smarter …

The era of artificial intelligence

| November 18, 2021 | Industry

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Once considered to be science fiction and fodder for Hollywood films, artificial intelligence (AI) has become a near-ubiquitous technology in our communities, homes and workplaces …

Saluting our veterans

| November 11, 2021 | Corporate

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On November 11, we observe Veterans Day in the United States to honor those who have shown a special commitment to the country through their …

2021 Supplier Day: Together we will solve the unsolvable

| November 2, 2021 | Corporate

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The global supply chain is experiencing disruptions across every industry. In our own industry, as we confront a global chip shortage triggered by surging consumer …

Changes in DRAM

| October 11, 2021 | Industry, Technology

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The ability to process data is foundational to our smart, connected world. Microprocessors, in turn, rely on memory chips to store the data they need while working. One of the most popular types of memory …

National Manufacturing Day: Celebrating the people that are helping to manufacture the future of technology

| October 1, 2021 | Corporate

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Today is National Manufacturing Day in the United States, a day to celebrate the modern manufacturing industry and generate awareness about the abundance of employment …

Lam’s internships: moving the world forward together

| September 20, 2021 | Life at Lam

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Lahari Vithala, former Employee Communications intern, interviews her fellow peers on what it was like to be an intern at Lam this past summer. Lam …

Lam ships its 10,000th single wafer clean chamber

| September 13, 2021 | Corporate, Technology

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Lam recently achieved an impressive product milestone with the shipment of our 10,000th single wafer clean chamber. This marks an incredible journey from the SP100 single chamber …

Lam’s growing presence in the Pacific Northwest

| September 9, 2021 | Corporate

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As we continue to build a manufacturing workforce of the future, Lam will expand its footprint in Oregon with a new 45,000 square foot facility in the city of Sherwood. The new site is planned to begin operations in …

Expanding our parental leave policy to create more flexibility for families

| September 7, 2021 | Corporate, Life at Lam

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The most important job many of our employees will ever have is not at Lam Research or any other company—it’s the job of being a …

Lam’s net zero pathway: working toward sustainability transformation

| August 30, 2021 | Corporate

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Shawn Covell, managing director, Global Environmental, Social, and Governance Strategy talks about the net zero goals announced in Lam’s 2020 ESG report. Heat domes and …

Unlocking innovation through university research collaborations

| August 25, 2021 | Life at Lam, Technology

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We play a critical role in driving semiconductor breakthroughs for the next generation. Since 2015, Unlock Ideas has been an integral program to unleash the …

SEMICON Southeast Asia – Powering Innovation

| August 16, 2021 | Technology

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From August 23-27, our experts will join industry leaders at SEMICON Southeast Asia, to discuss semiconductor advancements in an era of 5G and next-generation technologies. …

Specialty Technologies – Changing Our Lives One Chip at a Time

| August 9, 2021 | Industry, Technology

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As a materials engineer, I am very proud of the fact that key advances in human civilization have been driven by materials innovation. The stone …

Lam Core Value Scholarships Awarded to Eleven Outstanding Students

| August 3, 2021 | Community, Corporate

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Students across eleven high schools in California and Oregon were awarded Lam Research High School Core Value Scholarships to help them as they begin their …

What Is the Internet of Things?

| July 26, 2021 | Industry, Technology

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There’s a lot of talk about the Internet of Things (IoT) and its impact on our day-to-day lives. From home security systems to smart watches, …

Using Less Helium Is Good Business

| July 19, 2021 | Technology

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Helium gas is increasingly in short supply. While consumers may be most familiar with it for use in filling balloons, it is used much more heavily in a variety of industrial processes – including semiconductor fabrication. As …